Malmesbury Dance Timetable

Monday @ Brinkworth Monday @ Riverside 
2.15Preschool Class
2.45Adult Tap
3.15Adult Tap (Beg)
4.00PCT Ballet3.45Preschool Class
4.30St 3 Ballet4.15PCT Ballet
5.00Gr 4 Modern4.45Beg Modern/Tap
5.30Gr 2 Tap5.15St 1 Ballet
6.00Gr 3 Tap5.45Gr 1 Tap
6.30St 4 Ballet6.15Gr 3 Modern
7.00G 4 Modern7.00St 5 Ballet
7.30Finish7.30Pointe Work
8.00Inter Foundation Modern

The timetable is valid from September 2022 but is subject to change.

Every effort will be made to communicate any changes as soon as possible.